Hello, hello!

Destin, FL

Me & My Munchkins

Hi, I’m Bianca (If you want the whole spill check out the “About” page)!!  Nice to meet you.  I am always changing my webpage, so I’m trying the blog route.   I mainly like to keep a webpage because when I first moved to this area, after I had my kids, it was like a treasure hunt trying to find activites to do around here.  I have found some pretty cool places through my own searching, and from joining MOMS Club, and from word of mouth.  I just want to pass on the information to anyone else that might be new to the area, a new mom, or just looking for something fun to do with the family.  If my site helps even one person, mission accomplished.  Please let me know about activities or ideas that I haven’t already included on my site. Even if you’re not a local, you can find similar activities in your area (if you ask, I’ll help you find some).  Other things you might find on my blog include but not limited to family pics and updates, occasionally easy recipes (if I can do it, it has got to be easy…I loathe cooking), kid party ideas, business shout outs, advice, questions, good deals, reviews on products, and just whatever else is on my brain at that moment:P